Check Out The 5 Best Mortgage Companies of 2018

Getting a mortgage used to be simple. You took a stroll downtown in the family station wagon, shook hands with your father’s personal banker, and walked out with a mortgage. Today, for better and for worse, things have gotten complicated. The good news? No longer are you constrained by the terms and rates of your local bank. The bad news? There are no fewer than 7,000 mortgage lenders in the United States. Comparing offers one-by-one would take years.

That’s where LendingTree can really help you save. They gather rates and terms from hundreds of lenders around the country based on a single form. Their vetted offers are then yours for the taking, with absolutely no obligation whatsoever. You can visit their site below and after a few quick questions you will recieve competitive quotes for free.

Not interested in using a comparison tool like LendingTree? That's not a problem! We have listed some of the best direct lenders for you.